Monday, September 24, 2012

3D2N Getaway @ Suria Cherating Beach Resort

Henry Tan | 11:39 PM |
Famous Hai Peng Kopitiam @ Kemaman
Famous Tong Juan Stuffed Crab @ Kemaman

Next, will be the beach resort that I stayed.
Some of my friends asked if I stayed at Club Med.
Well, no! I can't afford!

Suria Cherating not bad too! =D

Just right beside the beach! 

The interior designs...

The lobby! =D

How good to have a mansion like that!

With swimming pool!

The wide beach! 

But cloudy! =(

Still managed to snap some photos tho.. =D

Sand castle!

Different style of castle!

And even a sand turtle! =D

Next.. FOOD!

Starting with the welcoming drinks!

Buffet lunch with seaview! =D

Buffet breakfast.

Complimentary fruit basket.

Candle light dinner! =DD

With the "wine"! hoho! 

Well didn't go anywhere either.
Pretty much just laze around the resort. ;)
And that's how my getaway would be! =D

Till then. ;)
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  1. Oh, I stayed there during my Office course for two weeks last year..

    Well, I still remember very well the condition there!! :).. Miss this place..

    Sometimes, I even escaped during class, go to the beach, watching or talking with the local who goes fishing there.. :D..

    Our buffet dinner always held at the outside small hall, in front of the cafe and swimming pool, with the seaview..

    Oh gosh, If only the road condition to this place were good, I'll surely be back here.. :D..

  2. so syok.. always go travel! imma gonna travel all i can like u too after i work! :P

    1. haha seems like you travel a lot more now! :p

  3. Wahhhh!!!! So very nice! Hey! How come you never asked me to join you on your trip? Never been to Kelanatan & Trengganu!

    1. hahaha will ask you to join me when i go Sibu! :p

  4. ...but Cherating is in Pahang, right?

    1. ermmmmmmm not so good with geography. I think it is located at the border, so abit confusing.


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