Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fear Is Nothing @ Escape Adventureplay Theme Park, Penang

Henry Tan | 12:21 AM |
I'm sure most of you aware of the new theme park in Penang - Escape Adventureplay!
Well, lucky me! I had the chance to go for free under my company's ERT Training.

Yipeeee!! =DD

The drop off area on the left coming from Teluk Bahang roundabout. 

The entrance with all the orange shirt ERT members! =D

Ticket counter!

Big kid for the day - RM60! but company paid! =D

You will get a map and the wrist tape.

First thing first, unload our bags in the cabanas Adi - RM50! =D
The price depends on the size of the cabanas ranging from RM50 to RM150.

Let's start the challenge!!

Starting with the Monkey Business!

3 Levels, higher harder!

But no problem for me!! =D

Seee! I still can pose for the camera! =D

But... not everyone can make it.... =X

Seeeee! LOL okay I'm sorry. She will be brave one day. >.<

Well, you can't really take much photos there.
Unless you got a personal photographer! 
**photos credit to Christy**

Next... Gecko Tower!

Height is around 3 floors?

All you have to do is....

Smile and pose for the camera... XD

Press the start button for the counter and start climbing!!

Reach the top and press the button up there to stop!
Then abseiling down.

Guess what?!

My best record = 6 seconds!!
I dare you to challenge me! 

Next... Go Ape!

Whereby you have to climb this tall tree!

Well, to be honest I did fear of height.
The story goes back to the time Form 1 in CLHS.
I remember during orientation day and I went to the scout camp.
They had the abseiling thing that given to students to try!
So, I went up to the 2nd floor, thinking that I could easily make it!
But just when they tied everything, I almost pee on my pants! *abit exaggerated*
I was scared, my legs were trembling and I gave up! >.<

I was scared this time too. 
But I know I have to overcome my fear.

Fear is nothing 
when you are determined to face it!

I made it to the top and rang the bell! =D

and so... I'm ape now! LOL

No money transaction for all the expenses inside the park.
So you could only buy their card.

The top up counter is there to serve you. ;)

Your main expenses probably would be food & beverages. 

Lockers are provided outside the toilets too. 
But with a price of course.

All their designs actually quite interesting!

Another place for you to spend - souvenir shop! 

I guess that's probably most of it!

I have conquered my fear. 
What about you? =D

p/s :
1. No outside food/drink is allowed to bring in.
2. Bring gloves for hands protection for the games!

Till then. ;)
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  1. HAHHA you're so tall but scared of height pula :P We actually planned to go during our second trip to Penang but no time lolol

    1. who say tall cannot scared of height one? lol taller center of gravity higher also ok. =p

  2. wahhh!! the malay girl punya expression very priceless!!
    my friend went there already, all they say was "sweaty and tiring"
    guess they didn't like it, but i'm gonna have a try soon lah

    1. hahaha when u coming to try pls tell me! i wanna go shoot ur "priceless" expression. hahaha

  3. You went already. Previously, I wished to go there as well.

    1. wait water park open next year then i will go again! =D

    2. Around when it will open?

  4. Oooo Now I have an adventure waiting for me in Pg!

    1. hahaha great! and also to meet me up ya! =D

  5. OMG scary nya! Not suitable for me cos I'm quite timid hahaha

  6. hi..may i know is it safe to unload bags at adi's cabana? can i left my bags without any supervision in adi's cabana? if it is not safe..how much locker cost? is it per hour or per usage? thanks! :)

    p/s: really hope i have courage like u to challenge the monkey business >_<


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