Thursday, April 5, 2012

Liam's Farewell & B'day @ Redbox Gurney

Henry Tan | 8:24 AM | |
Well, I just start working for 2 months,
there were already two farewell.
Not even get the chance to know them well yet. =(

Anyhow, here's the farewell with Liam.
Let the photos tell the story. =D

Starting with the buffet dinner...

The foods were all salty when it isn't hot.

See Carmen's face. XD

20 people in total! 

The main character of the day - Liam.

Eat also very bergaya huh? XD

Group photos at the end! =D

Well, that's pretty much all.
I wish him all the best and stay in touch! =D

p/s: all the photos will be upload into sharedrive soon. ;)
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  1. so nice! i very long never enter red box already :(

  2. SO MANY PPL?!! canot sing one.. sure quarrel for mic..xP

  3. that's quite an interesting selection of food at a KTV! or is it normal? hehehe i am obviously not a KTV person.

  4. camy, haha time for u to go again! ;)

    nikel, yup

    merryn, hehe! yeah! =D

    eunice, smart! u got good experience ya! haha

    missyblurkit, haha dinner buffett. ;)


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