Sunday, March 10, 2013

March More Fun Guinness St Patrick's Celebration @ SOHO Free House

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Been invited to the kick start of Guinness St Patrick's Celebration.
This year their theme would be "March More Fun"
Let me start with....

Guinness stout really nice to drink!!!

I mean like a lot better than I thought.
I have always thought that it is bitter and only "uncles" drink that.
But NOPE! I'm gonna start drinking it! =D

SOHO Free House, Penang Road!

Pints of Guinness Draught for free! =D

They even taught us to draught stout our own! =D

My self-draught Guinness Stout! Taste awesome! =p

and after that....

Let's go crazy crazy crazy 
till we see the sun!!!

And never never never stop for anyone!!

They are pretty isn't it?

Taking photos with my drunk face. LOL

I wanna live while we're young!!!

There are some other photos with other bloggers.
Wait them upload only I go pinjam. =D

Check out Guinness Malaysia for more info! =D

p/s : I don't always drink, but when I do, I DO IT RIGHT!! XD

Let's go for a pint of Guinness stout! =D
Till then! ;)
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  1. wah, take photo with so many leng lui, shiok hor.. :P

    1. Hehe yea loooo too bad i didnt get to know them :p

  2. You had so March fun! Glad you discovered the yumminess of Guinness!

    Had quite a bit during my long weekend getaway to the beach. Meant to check out St Patrick's in Kuantan but ended up we had our own at the resort:D

    1. Yuppp next time can find u drink tgt also ad! :D

  3. Cheers for St Patrick's Day! :)

  4. Don't drink and drive!

  5. haha! u doesn't looks drunk at all in the last photo! =P

    1. Hahahahaha omg u found out.. I just simply put a caption only

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Hmmhmm I don't like beer,
    I probably feel like a fish
    on dry land at this event :P


    1. hahahhaa is okayyyy.. coffee perhaps then. ;)


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