Monday, October 13, 2014

I Love Levis Jeans!

Henry Tan | 7:53 PM |
What's the first brand comes to you for Jeans?

Levi's Jeans!

Yes! It has to be Levi's!
Everyone knows that jeans are the best match with the tops. 
Levis was founded in 1853 and successfully gained its popularity until now.
The brand produced high quality stylish jeans that suit for all seasons!

The 3 main designs - Straight Cut, Boot Cut and Slim Fit.

Whoever that love playing up their style have all the options to choose.
Wide selection of jean designs from Levis suit every individual’s personal taste. 
You can find 3 designs of Levis jeans which will show off their long legs. 

Psst.. I got long legs too! =p

Straight Cut 

Common choice of jeans that everyone must have stacked in their closet is the simple straight cut jeans. The straight cut jeans are suitable for the men who want to cover up their huge thighs while still looking lean and sophisticated. It allows men to step out of the house feeling confident and comfortable all day long in the most effortless way possible.

Boot Cut

The second jeans that a man must have in their fashion wardrobe are the sexy boot cut jeans collection. The boot cut jeans are always known to be worn in the country side due to its edgy cowboy design but the cutting of it is perfect for the gents who want to show off a more masculine leg appearance.  Boot cut jeans unique bottom flare and tight upper part gives a very sexy feel for man to style with a pair of sneakers of loafers.

Slim Fit

The next jeans choice men to style are by wearing Levis slim fit or known as skinny jeans. The slim fit jeans are designed to hug the shape of your legs perfectly giving a thinner and leaner look for men. It could be seen as the cheat pants for men who want to create an illusion of longer lean yet masculine legs in front of others. Pair it with a jacket or an oversized baggy t-shirt for that complete appearance. 

Style Yourself This Season!

So wait no more and add these 3 pair of jeans from Levis by checking out ZALORA as it offers a wide selection of amazing designs of Levis jeans online.
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  1. Boot cut looks the best among the rest, my opinions la

  2. Great round-up of jeans, Henry!

    1. haha thats the basic, there're so many out there!

  3. It has been almost 15 years that I did not wear jeans because I prefer wearing trousers made from softer and lighter fabric.

    1. ooo i see! yeah especially new jeans tend to be not so soft.


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