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Mediterranean Buffet Dinner @ G Cafe, Penang

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Thanks to G Hotel for the invitation to their One Day, One Theme, A Variety buffet dinner!
I attended the Thursday buffet dinner, which is Flavors from Mediterranean!

G Cafe offers a one week of dinner buffet with different theme, namely:
Monday - Mongolia
Tuesday - French
Wednesday - Oriental
Thursday - Mediterranean
Friday - Seafood
Saturday - Steak & Lobster BBQ

Mediterranean dinner buffet mainly focuses on the cuisine from Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Indulge yourself into a flavorful Mediterranean cooking!

G Cafe located at ground floor, next to G Lounge.

Scrumptious food are well decorated all over the table. 

Let's start with the appetizer!

There are several types of salad to choose!
But here are some Mediterranean salad that caught my attention.

Prawn Salad 
Fresh & succulent prawns mixed chopped chilies with crunchy lettuce are really appetizing!  

Mozarella Salad
Sliced Mozarella cheese and tomato slice with the topping of olive. 

Cheese are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine.

You could make your own salad by choosing your favorite ingredient too!

Next! Starter!

For starter, get something light! 
Like fresh seafood, ham and smoked salmon!
The salmon cold smoked to it's perfection! 

If you still can't get enough of salmon... 

Go to the Daily Carvery Section!

Baked Salmon Fillet

See the texture of the salmon! YUMMY!
Try the dill lemon butter sauce too! 
It's a perfect match!

Here comes the main course!

Mouclade of Mussels 
Well clean mussels baked with cherry tomato, black olive and herbs!
A little bit too dry to my liking though.
But the mussels are definitely the big fat one! =D

Duck in Orange Sauce
You won't missed out on this eye catching orange color dish.
The duck is well tenderized with the fresh orange.
The orange sauce together with the duck makes you can't stop eating!  

Lamb Moussaka 
FYI, moussaka is a famous eggplant-based Mediterranean cuisines.
The texture of the eggplant is not too soft, suit to my preference!

This is a MUST-TRY Mediterranean cuisine!

They served generic main course too.

Grilled Fish with Spicy Herbs, Stir Fried Prawns with Celery, Rosemary & Garlic Potato and Braised Mushroom & Asparagus.

Mediterranean Tomato Cajun Rice, Fried Squid & Almonds, Provencal Beef & Olive Daube and Stir Fried Fettuccine.

There are too many to choose! 
So the best way? Take a little bit of each! =D

Besides the ready-made food, you may choose from the Action Station too.

Pizza and Polpettes
The polpettes are actually made from potatoes. 
Something like hash-brown in a ball shape!

Choose the seafood and they will grill for you immediately!

They have beef kebab too!

Daily Noodle stall serves you noodle on the spot too!

We have fried pasta for that day!
You may choose Carbonara or Tomato Sauce.
Ingredients are up to you to choose too!

My fried pasta with tomato sauce.
A bit too salty to my liking though.

Next! Spanish Tapas!

4 types of different tapas to choose from!

This is the delicious one! =D
Champiñones Al Ajillo - mushrooms sautéed with garlic, olive oil etc!

Here comes the best part - DESSERT!

Did you know...
The desserts are prepared by the G Hotel's Award Winning Pastry Chef, Chef Tan Kwee Lian!

Girl's heaven!

See the Black Forest Cake! Literally black forest!

So nice that you are not willing to eat it!

Very cute isn't it!

Ohya... they have Chocolate Fountain too!

They use high quality Belgium chocolate.
8 types of fresh fruits can be chosen.
Strawberries and grapes are my favorite!

Guilty after all the dessert?

They have plenty of fresh tropical fruits to eat too!

That's not all yet!
How can you leave without ice cream right?

They serve premium Gelatomio ice cream!
100% natural ingredient with no preservative and artificial flavorings.

There are 8 flavors of Italian ice cream to choose.
And each of them comes with a pair of eyes!
You can request for crepe to eat with!

Like Cookie Monster!

You may also decorate those ice cream with their distinctive candies!

My last plate of dessert to end a fulfilling dinner!

Overall, it's good for you to try it out!
You will never get bored of here as they changed the theme from time to time.
The environment is comfortable and they play some house music too!
Theme buffets are available from 6.30pm to 10pm from now until the end of June.

Don't miss the chance to try Mediterranean cuisine!

For reservation: 04-238 0000

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